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Caveat Loans Capital

Caveat Capital Pty Ltd are private business facilitators operating Australia-wide. Caveat Capital is Australia's largest and fastest caveat loan lender and the first choice for businesses seeking urgent commercial funding for business working capital/cash-flow.

With the mainstream lenders current strict lending criteria, many businesses in Australia are having difficulty getting access to business finance to obtain working capital or expand their business operations. Caveat Loans and Invoice Financing are an alternative and attractive option for small businesses in these circumstances. We offer loan amounts from $1000.00 to $50m+.

  • No registered valuations required
  • Caveat Loans settle same day in most cases
  • Deal direct with the source of funds
  • Lowest interest rates
  • Brokers welcome
  • Loan terms up to 3 years possible
  • Loans must be strictly for business purposes
  • Real estate security required

We lend Australia Wide and applying and dealings can be from the comfort of your own home via email/internet.

Lowest set up costs guaranteed (if you can find lower set up costs anywhere in Australia please forward a copy of the loan offer and we will beat it by 5% guaranteed.

We have the lowest caveat loans/2nd mortgage rates in Australia guaranteed! Rates starting from 1.25% per month. Don't pay the high caveat loan rates that other lenders have on offer in the current market of 5%-6%+ per month. At Caveat Capital we make it our obligation to provide you with fast funding at minimal cost. We do not require registered valuations for most applications and can settle within 24-48 hours.

Caveat Capital Pty Ltd has built a successful reputation on providing fast business finance options to clients that fall outside traditional lending criteria. As business loan specialists we understand that sometimes in business things don't always go to plan. Due to the GFC and decline in the real estate market many clients are finding it difficult to obtain funding for business capital due to defaults, court judgements or arrears on their current mortgage. The mainstream credit crunch has seen an increase in the number of business failures over the past few years. Caveat Capital have assisted thousands of clients with keeping their doors open and getting out of financial hardship.

As we are business loan specialists we know that interest rates of 5%-6%+ per month and excessive set up costs other lenders in the market have on offer will only dissolve the equity in your property and force you to sell the property to clear the owing mortgages. This is why at Caveat Capital in addition to our moral imperative we make it our obligation to provide commercial funding at a cost that is reasonable for the product on offer. Caveat Loans are a great alternative for clients seeking urgent funding for their business requirements.

Many lenders require excessive upfront fees that are required even should the loan fail to proceed, which are in addition to the horrific interest rates on offer. It is this reason that Caveat Capital do not believe in upfront fees. We are confident that the indicative loan offer that we will provide you with upon receipt of the executed application and required supporting documentation will be far superior to any other offer provided by alternate financiers. In most cases we do not require any funds to be provided upfront (even a valuation fee) as valuations are not required for most applications. Should a valuation be required this can be capitalised into the loan amount. This is beneficial to clients seeking urgent funding for commercial purposes as the requirement to provide excessive upfront fees is usually impossible for clients who are experiencing low cash-flow.

At Caveat Capital we do not see our responsibility as completed at loan settlement. Our staff endeavours to touch base with every client monthly following settlement. We value customer service as high priority and make certain clients have access to a staff member at all times to discuss any queries they may have following settlement. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and certainty that clients are fully aware of their requirements. Many lenders will breeze through the details however this is not how we like to do business at Caveat Capital.

Upon receipt of the completed, executed and returned application form we aim to provide our clients with an indicative loan offer in writing within 3-5 working hours and the highest level of customer service guaranteed.

Call us NOW to find out more about the products we have on offer: (08) 8269 2599